MemCache Setup in Xampp Window8

1.Download memcache exx from this url


Download memcached 1.4.4-14 from  (note that later versions of memcached have been modifed and DO NOT work as windows services).

Unzip to a folder on your computer (say d:\memcached)

Open an ADMINISTRATOR command window, and navigate to the memcached folder:


Typing “memcached –h” will display all the available options

1. Install memcached service on your system by typing

memcached.exe –d install

2. Tell memcached to start

memcached.exe –d start

You are done.. When you view your taskmanager, you will notice memcached service running:


This service is setup to autostart with windows so you will not need to repeat the above.

Now, if you want to access/use memcached via php (or Zend Framework), you need to install  php_memcache extension.

php_memcache.dll comes bundled in a zip file available here (Many thanks to Anindya for making this available). Extract and save the dll file in your php ext directory.

Edit your php.ini and add this line:


Restart Apache.. Navigate to your phpinfo and you should see a section for memcache.



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